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  • JUNE 29 2018 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Volunteer celebration show benefitting World Hunger Organization!! Tonight we have a special benefit show, to honor two of our recently fallen volunteers who have spent many Fridays with us, helping us put on hundreds of shows... Tom Noe and Louise Sander! We will have many stories about each of these two, and the first set will be local performers playing cover tunes that Tom made "famous" in our area... songs like Buddy Mondlock's "The Kid", Richard Berman's "On the Mexican Coast", Dave Carter's "Gentle Arms of Eden", and Steve Fisher's "That's My Toy". In other words, this will be a celebration of the songs Tom played the most, with a variety of performers. The second set of the show will be Tom's long time fellow Harry Chapin loving friend Bill Nash, who will be performing numerous Harry Chapin songs with a few guests to help him... songs like "Mr Tanner", "I Wanna Learn a Love Song", "Cats in the Cradle", "Better Place to be", and, of course "Mr Tanner". In honor of Tom, Louise, and Harry Chapin, all proceeds from this benefit show will be donated to the organization Harry started and donated to "World Hunger Year." His organization "World Hunger Organization" is still run by a Chapin (Harry's daughter Jen). All in all, this will be a great evening, with a lot of laughter and a few tears, as we honor our dear old friends Tom and Louise!
  • Oh Louise. The prankster. The Joker. The smiling face who knew no strangers. Always interested in stories, she saw connections, she saw the humor, and the human side of the tale. She was quick with a witty response, too. We remember for so many years Louise had long shining hair, and yet she was so unaffected that when she decided to cut it off, it seemed as if she had always had a short pixie hair cut. The better to frame her bodacious earrings, we're sure. It was never a competition with Louise. If you had something she liked, she would tell you so... and ask you to give it to her. And sometimes that even worked, because Louise had a joy that was contagious - why not get you some of that. Louise was practical, with quiet hobbies like reading and sewing that she could keep on hand and share in conversations. She loved to tailor clothing to suit her style. We always admired how Louise mostly chose to be happy. She knew the power of gratitude and appreciation. It seems she always expected the best. Bravo to our friend, all the best. <3
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Jun 29 2018062920000
Tom Noe | Louise Sander
[With] Benefitting World Hunger Year
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Jul 06 2018070620001
Jul 13 2018071320000
Caroline Spence
Robby Hecht
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Jul 20 2018072020001
Jul 27 2018072720000
Gary Nicholson
[Opening] Chip Roop
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Aug 03 2018080320000
Beat Root Revival
Emily Herring
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Aug 10 2018081020000
The Flyin' A's
[Opening] Emmeline Miles
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Aug 17 2018081720001
Aug 24 2018082420000
Grace Pettis
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Aug 31 2018083120001
Sep 07 2018090720000
John Flynn*
Josh White Jr.*
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Sep 14 2018091420000
Albert & Gage
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Sep 21 2018092120000
Pushing Chain
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Sep 28 2018092820001
Oct 05 2018100520001
Oct 12 2018101220000
Mike Aiken
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Oct 19 2018101920000
Harpeth Rising
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Oct 26 2018102620000
Vance Gilbert
[Opening] Tracie Merchant
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