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  • JULY 29 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • ($18/$22) - When three different labels turned down that first record of hers 20 years ago, the Texas trailblazer forged ahead by self-releasing it on her own. This was still long before the practice of artists putting records out on their own labels became an accepted industry-wide trend, but Terri’s little DIY experiment did so well for her that by the time she was ready to release her second album, 1998’s “Wilory Farm,” she was going-her-own-way not by necessity but by proud — and profitable — choice. Two decades on, all three of those labels that turned her down are long out of business. But Terri Hendrix and her San Marcos, Texas-based Wilory Records are still going strong. As music legend Al Kooper once noted in a glowing review of her 2010 song “Slow Down,” “Terri is truly a self-made woman … She makes me jealous.” As always, Terri will be joined on stage tonight with her longtime musical partner, Lloyd Maines!
  • Marc Douglas Berardo sings about circus retirees, expatriates in Florida rum bars, union iron workers, old poets, aimless New York City debutantes, near death car crashes, hard nosed fishermen and of course, the changes that experience brings to everyone.
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  • AUGUST 05 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Steve Fisher came from very humble beginnings in east Texas, and from these parts, he has become one of the finest songwriters you will ever see or hear. Since the 1980s, he has become a staple part of the Kerrville Folk Festival, and won New Folk in 1990. Since that time, Steve has become somewhat of a shaman for songwriters to visit while at the festival, and many consider finding him at Quiet Valley Ranch to be a bit of a pilgrimage... nothing better for a songwriter to sit with this master. His songs are considered top shelf, with one of our favorite songs, "That's My Toy" being the pinnacle of his early writing, and now Steve has come out with a new 2 CD set "Growin' Roses", which includes songs from 2 albums, "No Ordinary Life" and "No Goin' Back". His songs will strike at your core and will not allow you to walk away from them, without noticing you have just experienced something very special! Songwriter John Fullbright says: "My dear friend Steve Fisher... one of the greatest songwriters that ever put pen to paper and I feel like more folks need to know that." Fullbright goes on to caution concertgoers that "Steve is one of those twist-the-knife-it's-so beautiful songwriters, so maybe bring a tissue."
  • Deux of Tres Bourbonnais (Beth Galiger and Sharon Bourbonnais) brings you "music through the heart"... between Sharon's soulful vocals and sweet keys, and Beth's swinging sax and flute, be prepared for a sonically beautiful experience!
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  • AUGUST 12 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • K.C. Clifford is a three-time Woody Guthrie Award winner and two time Kerrville New Folk Finalist folk singer/songwriter from Oklahoma City. Music has always been a guiding force in Clifford’s life, and her talent and love of performing on stage revealed itself at an early age. She was two when she first sang in public and composed her first song at age seven. K. C.’s writing started with the released her first full-length album, “Times Like These”, to critical acclaim in 2000 and has produced many albums since the start of her career 16 year ago. In 2010 K. C. turned a corner in her craft with the writing, recording and release of her 2010 album, “Orchid” including the songs “Broken Things,” and fan favorite “Songbird.” With K.C.’s latest release, “The Tag Hollow Sessions”, based on her family history, was written in seclusion at a remote Northeast Oklahoma cabin by Lake Spavinaw in an area known as Tag Hollow. These days she splits her time between her two lifelong dreams: music and motherhood in Oklahoma City where she and her husband, musician David Broyles live with their two children.
  • Annie Oakley is an Oklahoma City-based Americana band fronted by twin sisters Sophia and Grace Babb. Known for flawless vocal harmonies and sharply observant lyrics, the sisters have been creating a stir in Oklahoma’s nationally respected indie music scene. They exude confidence through a sophisticated stage presence yet connect with the audience as with personal friends, a winning combination that led to Rising Star and Best Local Band awards in 2015.
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  • AUGUST 19 2016 FRI 8:00PM $20/$25
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  • There are so many things that could be stated about the career of Sara Hickman, not the least of which are adjectives like "phenomenal", "outstanding", "uplifting", "life altering", but we believe getting to see Sara on our stage is always impossible to quantify, and always an ultimate treat! This will be the 15th time she has graced our house with her unique style of entertaining, and now that she is cutting back on the number of shows she will be performing in the future, we are overjoyed to get another opportunity to share her with our patrons. Since she started performing at the age of seven, Hickman has been embraced by both followers and critics. The Associated Press proclaims, "Seek out her albums and club shows for her melodic sense, excellent guitar playing, rich voice and mix of sunny optimism with heartache." Hickman's home state of Texas loves her too, naming her the 2010-2011 "Official State Musician of Texas," joining luminaries such as Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett. We think these are all reasons enough to invite our music lovers to come and see this show... it will be one memorable evening! (backup singer extraordinaire Kristin DeWitt will be there, too!)
  • Dave Little is many things: Stand-up comedian. Improviser. Musician. Singer. Songwriter. Corporate Handyman. Writer. Radio Personality. Voice-over Actor. On-Camera Actor. Yoga and Basketball enthusiast. He loves them all. And is good at most of them. Feel free to guess which ones.
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  • AUGUST 26 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • After meeting in 2003 at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Stuart enlisted Hilary to serve as a backup singer for his own band. But as her vocal prowess sharpened and grew, she found herself being pressed more and more towards center stage until a true collaboration emerged. The pair married in 2005, and the following year the Flyin’ A’s released their first album," Blacktop, Back Roads", was released. The Flyin' A's latest album, "You Drive Me Crazy", is a collection of diverse, heartfelt songs that borrows from Americana, folk, country and Texas Music influences.
  • Jack believes that entertaining is supposed to be fun so his first job is to make his audience feel like his guests as he weaves his musical magic. Come and experience the Jack Pledge Show for yourself and we are certain you will come away entertained and satisfied.
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  • SEPTEMBER 09 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • Sarah McQuaid’s voice has been likened to malt whiskey, melted chocolate and “honey poured into wine” (Minor 7th). Her new album Walking Into White (2015) is her most honest and adventurous work to date, with a depth and texture of soundscape that are reflected in her beautifully crafted live shows. A captivating performer, she seduces her audience with cheeky banter and stories from the road, as well as with stunning musicianship; in her hands, the guitar becomes much more than merely an accompanying instrument. “McQuaid’s voice has an unforced richness which is the perfect foil for the echoing, spacious arrangements of her songs – and for her guitar, which here assumes a dazzling array of guises; one minute it’s as plangent as a piano, the next, it’s buzzing on a rock-and-roll riff. A unique, multi-textured sound emerges as each song pours out a new narrative.” — Piers Ford, Cry Me A Torch Song, UK
  • Heather Little has carved her own country-folk style (with bits of soulful jazz and even rock), with mature song writing and a stellar track record. Co writing with Miranda Lambert notwithstanding, Heather and her fine songwriting on our stage is a perfect fit!
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  • SEPTEMBER 16 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Buddy Mondlock writes songs. He does it so well that some great songwriters have recorded his songs on their own albums. Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, and Janis Ian, to name just a few. You might've heard his song "The Kid" (recorded by David Wilcox, Peter, Paul and Mary and Cry, Cry, Cry) and maybe even sung it yourself around a campfire. He draws you into his world - where a single snowflake follows the trajectory of a relationship, where you get your pocket picked by a Roman cat, where you might swim over the edge of the world if you're not careful and where dreams that don't come true still count. When Buddy's not on the road you can find him in Nashville but he grew up in Park Forest, Il, a suburb of Chicago. He didn't have a troubled childhood... his parents were nice to him. They paid for guitar lessons when he was ten and they never said, "when are you going to get a real job?" After so many years of success, there is no doubt... songwriting IS his real job!
  • Kevin So is a Chinese American musician who has earned the respect of fellow musicians, won over members of press, and radio, and has built a loyal fan base around the world. He joined the music world in the late 80s, and continues to this day to bring his songs to the people.
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  • SEPTEMBER 23 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Named 'Best Group/Duo' in the 2014 International Acoustic Music Awards, acoustic-duo Ryanhood got their first break more than a decade ago as street-performers at Boston’s Quincy Market. It was there that they were spotted by a college booking agent and thrust into the college touring scene, where Campus Activities Magazine would name them "one of the most requested acts by college buyers all across the country." They've since gone on to perform more than 800 shows in 42 U.S. states over the past decade and have shared stages with Jason Mraz, Matt Nathanson, Train, American Authors, and have even been tweeted about by Ellen DeGeneres. Cameron Hood's rich and folky lead vocals, Ryan Green's explosive guitar and mandolin riffs, and their airtight vocal harmonies prompted the Arizona Daily Star to call them, "a match made in radio heaven."
  • Stephen Inglis is a versatile artist, he crosses genres, yet his? music always radiates integrity. Born and raised in Honolulu, he plays Grammy-nominated Hawaiian slack key guitar.
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