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  • SEPTEMBER 11 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Baltimore–born singer- songwriter Amy Speace started her creative career out in the theater. She studied classical acting in NYC after graduating with high honors from Amherst College. After a breakup, she bought a cheap guitar and started putting her poetry to music and began appearing at local folk clubs like The Sidewalk Cafe, The Bitter End and The Living Room. She was discovered by Judy Collins in 2005, releasing her debut in 2006 on Collins’ Wildflower Records, “Songs For Bright Street” to rave reviews. “The Killer In Me” was released in 2009 with NPR comparing her to a young Lucinda Williams. She moved to Nashville from NYC in 2009.
  • Matt Haeck comes by his layers honestly -- his is a life and a music that feed off of each other. His latest project, “Late Bloomer”, features songs written both before and in the midst of an almost four-year struggle with addiction. After years of moving from place to place, he now calls Nashville home.
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  • SEPTEMBER 18 2015 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • Trout Fishing in America is the long-standing musical partnership of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet. The name, taken from a Richard Brautigan novel, seems almost as incongruous as a picture of this musical duo: Ezra (guitar) stands six feet eight inches and Keith (bass), five feet five and one half inches. Ezra is more playful and extroverted while Keith is more serious and reserved. Each of them bring out the best in the other and the joy that comes from this musical interaction is contagious and impossible to deny. Their infectious mix of folk/pop and family music is enriched by the diverse influences of reggae, Latin, blues, jazz and classical music.
  • Dana Louise, daughter of TFIA's Ezra Idlet, formed the Glorious Birds with Adams Collins on vibraphone and banjo, plus TFIA's Ezra and Keith on guitar and bass. Drawing from jazz and bluegrass, carrying a contemporary beat, the sound is roots-rooted flung-into-the-future folk.
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  • SEPTEMBER 25 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • A Muscle Shoals Music Review
  • For Amy Black, Muscle Shoals, Alabama, has always held a special magic. Her parents were born there, and some of her fondest memories were made during frequent visits to both sets of grandparents. She spent so much time in “the Shoals,” it felt more like home than many of the places she’d actually lived. Now, she wants to educate others about Muscle Shoals, this special corner of the world that means so much to her. For Black, this is one more chapter of an amazing odyssey.
  • Louisiana Native and Austin, TX resident, Wendy Colonna has a signature voice of grit-infused-honey and her songs echo swampy-southern tales of loss, mortality, joy, reclaimed innocence and celebration. Most recently, Coca-Cola released an Ad with music written and performed by Wendy that made it to the top of AdWeek. The ad has been warmly received by critics and fans with over 175k YouTube views. Wendy has released a full length single of the song, “A Happy Song” exclusively on iTunes.
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  • OCTOBER 02 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Over the last few years, Austin, TX based Mikaela Kahn has checked off many classic early 20s life milestones: graduated from college, moved to a new city, fallen in and out of love, embarked on her chosen career path. Of course her version isn’t entirely typical. College consisted of one of the world’s most acclaimed Jazz programs (U. North Texas), and her career path included stints as a backup singer for an award winning Elvis impersonator and R&B luminary Chrisette Michele. Still, these experiences helped Mikaela craft an extraordinary album out of the kinds of early adult experiences most anyone can relate to. Her thoughtful pop/R&B sound, with its intricate melodies and infectious hooks, has been described as a mix of Sara Bareilles and JoJo.
  • Brian Chartrand has been making music in the Valley of the Sun for over 11 years. His main focus in Phoenix is his original band, The Voce Project, which has three albums recorded and plays some really beautiful stages including The MIM Music Theater, The Chandler Center for the Arts, and Crescent Ballroom. In this band, Brian is the sole songwriter, singer, and acoustic guitar player. Brian created a production show called Live from Laurel Canyon in 2013 which performs music from the artists who lived in Laurel Canyon (Los Angeles) between 1965-1975. This show has sold out its first 6 shows at the MIM Theater in Phoenix.
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  • OCTOBER 17 2015 SAT 8:00PM $25/$30
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  • Special Saturday Show!
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  • David Wilcox is a father, a husband, a citizen and a songwriter. He is also a traveler - an adventurer at his core, always on his way somewhere. So how appropriate is it that the career of David Wilcox, celebrated songwriter and creator of more than 18 albums, began with a bike ride through North Carolina when he was just a teenager? He’s called Asheville home ever since, and from his 1987 debut The Nightshift Watchman through his new album blaze, from his years on A&M through running his own show, Wilcox has primarily sought to find a way to stay always in the moment, to never let his art feel like a routine, to never be afraid to take a chance. David Wilcox has stayed true to himself, and artistically alive no matter what, leaving only the path ahead and the trail to blaze.
  • Justin Farren is an acclaimed yet unassuming singer-songwriter from Sacramento, CA. where he lives in a house that he literally built with his own two hands. When it comes to his songs, Justin is nothing short of a master craftsman. Justin paints lyrical pictures that are firmly rooted in the reality of day-to-day life. His delivery is humorous, thoughtful and engaging.
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  • OCTOBER 23 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Billy Crockett is an award-winning guitarist and songwriter from Texas. Having been a Nashville session man, a full-time touring artist for 25 years, and a studio producer, Crockett continues to make it new. Love for the guitar and a refreshing honesty has been his trademark through three decades of celebrated albums and concerts. Billy’s main gig for the last 10 years has been producer, mentor and creative director of Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio, a top level recording facility, artist retreat and performance space on 27 acres in the Texas Hill Country. He has produced albums for some of music’s most vital artists, edits a journal on creative process and hosts a popular concert series.
  • Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Roy Schneider, along with duo partner Kim Mayfield, have toured through 37 states since 2008, bringing their tasty and beguiling stew of gritty Folk and Americana music to all who will listen.
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Sep 11 2015091120000
Amy Speace
[Opening] Matt Haeck
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Sep 18
Trout Fishing In America
[Opening] Dana Louise & the Glorious Birds
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Sep 25 2015092520000
A Muscle Shoals Music Review
Amy Black
Wendy Colonna
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Mikaela Kahn
Brian Chartrand
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Ann Armstrong & Steve Hughes
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New Discovery Showcase
Ian Dickson
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Oct 17
Special Saturday Show!
David Wilcox
[Opening] Justin Farren
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Billy Crockett
[Opening] Roy Schneider & Kim Mayfield
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Oct 30 2015103020000
Kevin Welch | Dustin Welch*
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Kerrville New Folk Winners Tour*
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Nov 13 2015111320000
Hans Theesink
[Opening] Aaron Burton
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Nov 20
[Opening] Brian Potts and leoncarlo
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Twangtown Paramours
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John Gorka
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