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  • JULY 08 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • Ronny’s music is eclectic, a woven tapestry of songs and stories with an over-all arc that eventually comes together and tells something about “the human condition”. Scores of fans and promoters will attest that attending one of his performances is one of the greatest evenings to experience. With the gift of a consummate storyteller, he shares funny, sad and tender moments. His loyal band of listeners are blessed, if only for a while, to spend time with a truly remarkable man. Enhancing these great stories is the music provided by Ronny and his band of world-class, virtuoso musicians. A look of familiarity has helped make Cox one of Hollywood’s most versatile character actors. His first time in front of a camera featured him playing the guitar in the Dueling Banjos scene in Deliverance, creating one of the most iconic moments in the history of moviemaking. He has also appeared in many other films, but, according to him, nothing cuts through to the heart like music. The acting experience simply enhances his musical and song-writing skills.
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  • JULY 15 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • CONGRATULATIONS to Blue Rock Artist Ranch and Studio artist Darryl Purpose! His new project STILL THE BIRDS has taken the #1 spot on the Contemporary Folk charts. Darryl began to tour nationally as a solo singer-songwriter in 1996. Eight years, six CDs and a thousand-plus shows later, he was headlining venues like the Freight and Salvage, Club Passim, McCabe’s, The Bluebird Cafe, The Kennedy Center, and the Kerrville Folk Festival Main Stage.He took a 7-year sabbatical in the Rocky Mountains, and “got healthy in multiple ways”. The music called him back in 2012 and saw Darryl record his first CD of original material in 10 years – “Next Time Around,” also produced by Billy Crockett for the Blue Rock Artists label. With no formal radio promotion, the CD spent five weeks at #1 on the Roots Music Report folk chart for national radio airplay in 2013. Darryl likes to say that luck is a residue of design — and he has been crafting his own luck for some time now. Live performance is a strength, as he connects his audience to his songs with a storyteller’s heart.
  • Annie Benjamin has been raising eyebrows in the DFW area for many years, and now another new album is very close to being here. Multi instrumentalist and side person, Annie's songs are filled with everyday images, extraordinarily portrayed, and lately has been making her mark in the theater. New album "The Love and the Light" will be available soon.
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  • JULY 22 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Tonight will mark Sam Swank's 25th appearance on our stage (not counting several times he might have played second guitar for other performers) since 1983. What that means is Sam has been seen on our stage for the past 33 years, and we have enjoyed every opportunity to hear this guitar master! Sam has made his living as a professional musician and guitar instructor for 25+ years. He studied classical guitar with Rick Madriguera at Eastfield College and Tom Johnson at the University of North Texas. Sam’s approach to teaching is always tailored to individual needs. He specializes in acoustic fingerstyle and classical, as well as rock and blues styles.
  • Willy promo
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  • JULY 29 2016 FRI 8:00PM $18/$22
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  • ($18/$22) - When three different labels turned down that first record of hers 20 years ago, the Texas trailblazer forged ahead by self-releasing it on her own. This was still long before the practice of artists putting records out on their own labels became an accepted industry-wide trend, but Terri’s little DIY experiment did so well for her that by the time she was ready to release her second album, 1998’s “Wilory Farm,” she was going-her-own-way not by necessity but by proud — and profitable — choice. Two decades on, all three of those labels that turned her down are long out of business. But Terri Hendrix and her San Marcos, Texas-based Wilory Records are still going strong. As music legend Al Kooper once noted in a glowing review of her 2010 song “Slow Down,” “Terri is truly a self-made woman … She makes me jealous.” As always, Terri will be joined on stage tonight with her longtime musical partner, Lloyd Maines!
  • Marc Douglas Berardo sings about circus retirees, expatriates in Florida rum bars, union iron workers, old poets, aimless New York City debutantes, near death car crashes, hard nosed fishermen and of course, the changes that experience brings to everyone.
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  • AUGUST 26 2016 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • After meeting in 2003 at the Kerrville Folk Festival, Stuart enlisted Hilary to serve as a backup singer for his own band. But as her vocal prowess sharpened and grew, she found herself being pressed more and more towards center stage until a true collaboration emerged. The pair married in 2005, and the following year the Flyin’ A’s released their first album," Blacktop, Back Roads", was released. The Flyin' A's latest album, "You Drive Me Crazy", is a collection of diverse, heartfelt songs that borrows from Americana, folk, country and Texas Music influences.
  • Jack believes that entertaining is supposed to be fun so his first job is to make his audience feel like his guests as he weaves his musical magic. Come and experience the Jack Pledge Show for yourself and we are certain you will come away entertained and satisfied.
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The Flyin' A's*
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Sarah McQuaid
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Buddy Mondlock
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Stephen Inglis
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Cherokee Maidens*
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The Laws*
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Mare Wakefield
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