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Special quarterly showcase event begins on May 1

In the very early days of Uncle Calvins, we featured local performers almost exclusively. As our reputation began to spread, along with the connections that we made at the Kerrville Folk Festival and the International Folk Alliance, we eventually began to book only nationally- or regionally-touring artists. Over the last 20 years or so, our ties to the local songwriter community have been much more tenuous. This year, we are taking steps to recitify that issue via our new quarterly New Discovery Showcase shows. We will pick six artists per quarter to come to Calvins and perform for our bookers and our regular audience. Those that we really like will be invited back for a regular booking at some future time. This is not a contest, nor an open mic, but a pre-screened showcase, so you can expect the usual high-quality that we feature every Friday night. Come join us on May 1 for the first event, then July 31 and October 16.

Upcoming Shows
  • MAY 01 2015 FRI 8:00PM $10
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  • New Discovery Showcase
    We’re excited about our first of a new quarterly series called Calvin’s New Discovery Showcase, hosted by local singer/songwriter Andrew Delaney. This event will give us the opportunity to present up-and-coming local artists in the pristine Calvin’s listening room environment. Each quarter we will feature six selected artists, each performing two songs in front of an appreciative audience and members of the Uncle Calvin's booking committee. In the second half, we will feature a veteran local performer in an extended set, beginning with Andrew himself. The next quarterly event will occur on July 31.
  • Andrew Delaney is a classic storyteller who depicts the American landscape, and particularly the American West, in a warts-and-all cinematic style. His band, Andrew Delaney & The Horse You Rode In On, with Trevor Pulver playing lead, Justin Whitehead on bass, and drummer Jeromy Bailey, has shared stages with modern Americana greats like Walt Wilkins, Corb Lund, and Junior Brown.
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  • MAY 08 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Grace Pettis, from Lookout Mountain, Alabama, has songwriting in her blood. The daughter of a poetry scholar and a troubadour, Grace comes by her love of words honestly. Her father, Pierce Pettis, is a critically acclaimed songwriter and performer who penned the Garth Brooks hit You Move Me. Grace's brothers, Rayvon and George, are also songwriters and musicians. In her short career, Grace has already lived up to her birthright, winning numerous songwriting awards and garnering praise from critics, fans, and industry alike. What sets her apart in her talented family is her distinct, unaffected voice, described as a 'wide open prairie, full of waving golden grains before menacing, dark thunder clouds' (Sirius XM Program Director, Mary Sue Twohy).
  • Sam Swank is a life-long Dallasite who started playing guitar in 1968 when his father brought home a copy of “Are You Experienced” by Jimi Hendrix to supplement his record collection, which consisted of “The Monkees Greatest Hits” and “Revolver” by the Beatles. Sam has made his living as a professional musician and guitar instructor for 25 years.
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  • JUNE 12 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • Ray Bonneville is a poet of the demimonde who didn’t write his first song until his early 40s, some 20 years after he started performing. But with a style that sometimes draws comparisons to JJ Cale and Daniel Lanois, this blues-influenced, New Orleans-inspired “song and groove man” luckily found his rightful calling — narratives inspired by a lifetime of hard-won knowledge set against his gritty, soulful guitar and harmonica playing.
  • While being Cajun will always be at the core of his being, Ganey Arsement views it as a positive that his life has been influenced by many different types of music. Born in Lake Charles, LA, Ganey grew up 80 miles from the heart of Cajun land, Lafayette, LA.
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  • JUNE 19 2015 FRI 8:00PM $15/$18
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  • A Combo Plate three-course special!
    Tonight we feature three terrific artists from Laura Thomas' Combo Plate Booking agency. Laura is one of our favorite people to work with, and we're honored to showcase her artists.
  • Upon arriving in Austin, TX in 1990 from New York City, Michael Fracasso was promptly voted Best New Artist in Music City Texas ‘Insiders’ poll and was able to record his first CD, Love & Trust which features a duet with Lucinda Williams. He has made two albums with producer/ guitarist Charlie Sexton (World in a Drop of Water and Back to Oklahoma) and also collaborated with Charlie to write and record the music for the movie Monster Hunter. He was short listed for the Austin Public Library Award for literary achievement in 2011 and was on the “Best of 2011” list for several publications including Third Coast Music, San Antonio Express News and Austin Chronicle.
  • This summer marks the release of Austin songwriter Beaver Nelson's 7th and most adventurous recording yet, Macro/Micro. Macro/Micro is a flowing –jarring album with one song melting into the next, yet with each song holding its own distinctive tone. Macro/Micro is the first album self-produced by Beaver. Working with known commodities Scrappy Jud Newcomb (guitar), Mark Patterson (drums and percussion), Stephen Belans (drums and percussion), Matt Eskey (bass), Nick Connolly (keys), and John Harvey and Mary Podio (Top Hat Studio), helped Nelson take things in this new direction.
  • Though Curtis McMurtry is only 24 years of age, many of the characters in his songs seem to have given up on life decades ago. His debut solo album Respectable Enemy chronicles the narrations of unapologetically bitter individuals still haunted by the ghosts of lovers and friends they have long since driven away. Few other songwriters inhabit such lonely, spiteful people with such conviction. From the doomed narrator of "Foxhole" to the resigned nostalgia of "Eleanor's House" Curtis writes to break your heart into sharp, jagged pieces.
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Quick Calendar
May 01
New Discovery Showcase
Camille Cortinas | Mike Mathis | Garrett Owen | Justin Pickard | Annie Roads | James Michael Taylor
Andrew Delaney
Tickets on sale now
May 08 2015050820000
Grace Pettis
[Opening] Sam Swank
Tickets on sale now
May 15 2015051520004
Closed 4 weeks for Wildflower and Kerrville
Jun 12 2015061220000
Ray Bonneville
[Opening] Ganey Arsement
Tickets on sale now
Jun 19 2015061920000
A Combo Plate three-course special!
Michael Fracasso | Beaver Nelson | Curtis McMurtry
Tickets not on sale; check back soon.
Jun 26 2015062620000
[Opening] Amelia White
Tickets on sale 4/29
Jul 03 2015070320001
Jul 10 2015071020000
Shake Russell | Michael Hearne
Tickets on sale 5/13
Jul 17 2015071720000
Jimmy LaFave
[Opening] TBA
Tickets on sale 5/20
Jul 24 2015072420000
George Ensle*
Tom Faulkner*
Tickets on sale 5/27
Jul 31 2015073120000
New Discovery Showcase
Chet O'Keefe
Tickets on sale 6/3
Aug 07 2015080720000
Emily Elbert
[Opening] Roland Elbert
Tickets on sale 6/10
Aug 14 2015081420000
Tickets on sale 6/17
Aug 21 2015082120000
Julie Bonk
Robert & Sarah Aberg*
Tickets on sale 6/24
Aug 28 2015082820000
Lisa Markley
[Opening] Alan Gann
Tickets on sale 7/1
* Pending

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